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Said a friend recently: “You’ll love this book. It’s kind of like The Talented Mr. Ripley but with a Hitchcockian flair and a hint of Dashiell Hammett.”

We were hooked. (The book, in case you were wondering, was The Other Typist.)

After all, the easiest way to know if you’ll like a book is if somebody compares it with another one.

That’s why for the newest installment of our 30 Days of Wow series, we’re matching 30 books you’ve told us you love alongside their new-to-you literary doppelgängers.

For instance, if you devoured Gone Girl last summer, you’ll want to check out The Dinner this summer. (It’s just as twisty and dark.) Or if you found yourself staying up past your bedtime to finish Bossypants, you’ll be equally sleep-deprived reading Lizz Free or Die. Can’t get enough of The Hunger Games? May we introduce The 5th Wave.

Check out the full list to see all of our “if you liked, then you’ll love” predictions. Happy summer reading!

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