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Photo courtesy of Nina Subin

We gasp when it befalls politicians. We’re all atwitter about celebrities who indulge. We gossip like crazy when it hits our inner circles. And yet the fact remains that infidelity is in many ways an extremely quotidian experience.

A new memoir, Vow, explores the age-old vice with surprising clarity--quite possibly because the author has been both the cheater and the cheated-on.

It all began early in Wendy Plump’s marriage, when she found herself bored by her workaholic husband and drawn into a series of exciting affairs. Each relationship came to an end, and after the birth of her sons, she decided to quell her cheating heart.

Then, one day many years later, a friend confronted her with shocking news: Not only was Plump’s husband having an affair but he had a secret child with his mistress of a decade.

Moving back and forth between this scandal and Plump’s own unsavory history, Vow explores the psychology of cheating. But what takes this book from juicy and voyeuristic to downright thought provoking is Plump’s visceral language and brutal honesty. A newspaper reporter by trade, she remains steadfast in her quest for truth--her husband’s, her lovers’, her own.

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