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A hotline for discussing the book that changed your life
Hello, Ishmael? We need to talk about Virginia Woolf.

Maybe Mansfield Park got you through high school. (Girls can be so cruel.) Maybe Jhumpa Lahiri taught you to love literature. Maybe Hop on Pop is your secret reading pleasure.

We all have that one book that makes us who we are. Here to chronicle those books is Call Me Ishmael.

Call Me Ishmael is a website that culls and publishes short voicemails from anonymous contributors about the amazing books that changed their lives--sort of like NPR StoryCorps for the bibliophile set.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can call the free hotline and leave a one- to three-minute message about a great literary moment in their life. Each day, CMI’s editors go through the messages and pick a single story to post on the site.

Recent selections include one man’s deep relationship with Infinite Jest, a teenager’s explanation of how Louis Sachar’s Holes got her through a family vacation and a totally devastating story about a woman who read her severely premature baby The Little Prince at the side of his incubator. (Seriously, don’t listen without tissues.)

Want to share your own best book? Call 774-325-0503 and leave a message.

Plus, isn’t there a part of you that just misses leaving voice messages?

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