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Nicole Kear had always been a klutz. She bumped into chairs. She knocked coffee mugs off tables. She occasionally walked into glass doors.

But she had never attributed this to anything other than poor motor skills--that is, until she received a terrifying diagnosis at the age of 19: Due to a rare degenerative disease, she was slowly but surely losing her vision. She had about ten years of sight left, her doctor guessed--and it would behoove her to start learning to live like a blind person.

So...she did the exact opposite, embarking on an adventure of one-night stands, world travel and blatant denial of her impending doom.

In Kear’s fascinating, funny and at times heartbreaking new memoir, Now I See You, she details her journey from delusion and evasion (the time she almost fell out of a window; the experience of leaving a friend’s party rather than admit she couldn’t find the host) to acceptance and understanding (learning to use a cane is one thing; learning to listen for oncoming traffic is quite another). 

Along the way she falls in love, has children and figures out how to reconcile the person she is with the person she’s becoming.

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