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Don’t get us wrong: We love a festive 'gram as much as the next gal. But the holidays are known to bring out the best (and worst) in us all, which is why we’ve decided to put our foot down for the sake of our newsfeeds. Here, seven things to avoid posting this Christmas. 

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christmas social media texting

A Screenshot of Your Wish List

Unless Santa follows you on Insta, your online circle doesn’t need to know you really want a Crock-Pot and a Yurman ring this year. 

christmas social media

All the Presents You Got

So you got the new Macbook, an iPhone 7 and a designer handbag. Sure, we’re all totally drooling over here. But that’s not really what the holiday is about, is it?

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christmas social media tree

Your Christmas Tree

It’s like Thanksgiving turkey…they all sorta look the same after a while.

christmas social media merry bright

A Quote, Unless It’s Absolutely Hilarious

News flash: We’ve all seen “the reason for the season” a jillion times. Instead, go for something that will genuinely make your followers cackle. (Ahem, following PureWow on Insta is a good start.)

christmas social media phone coffee

An Absurd Amount of Hashtags

OK, this one applies year-round. But doesn’t #christmas #holidays #presents #gifts #blessed #santa #elves get a little annoying? Keep it to one or two and move on.

christmas social media elf yourself
Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself

This was funny in 2010. It’s 2016.

christmas social media puppy

A Puppy

Fine, you see right through us. We’re just insanely jealous. Never stop. 

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