‘Worn Stories’ Is the New #7 Show on Netflix & the Trailer Has Us Feeling All the Feels

If you’re guilty of holding onto clothes way longer than necessary (we’re looking at you, ratty old T-shirt that witnessed our first kiss), then we highly recommend you tune into Netflix’s all-new documentary, Worn Stories.

The must-watch series just premiered on Netflix earlier this month, and it’s already claimed a highly coveted spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched shows. (It’s currently ranked at number seven behind Who Killed Sara?, The Serpent, The Irregulars, Ginny & Georgia, Cocomelon and Big Time Rush.)

This docuseries follows a bunch of real people who have something in common: They all have a habit of holding onto clothes, simply because the pieces are attached to beloved memories. It consists of eight 30-minute episodes that each focus on a specific theme, along with related real-life stories.

If Worn Stories sounds familiar, it’s probably because the show is based on the namesake memoir by Emily Spivack. The book highlights 60+ clothing-inspired narratives and stories, all of which offer a glimpse into why we hold onto old clothes for years, even if we no longer wear them.

We have no doubt that Worn Stories will strike a chord—the trailer alone already has us feeling all the feels.

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