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We love social media and we tolerate working out. But the combination of the two? Nope. That said, some gym posts are worse than others (yep, our treadmill also has a screen with numbers on it—thank you for sharing). Here are 11 things we’d happily never see on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat again.

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Sweaty Post-Workout Selfies
We get it. You worked hard. We’re still on the couch. We’re over it.

“Healthy” Junk Food
PSA: Frozen bananas blended into a weird, creamy blob is not ice cream. That blob will never be ice cream, so please stop pretending it will.

workout social selfie
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Gratuitous Muscle Photos
Committing to your health and being in shape are great. But posting photos of yourself coyly lifting up your shirt to reveal toned abs or taking over-the-shoulder mirror selfies to highlight your Kardashian-esque rear is a bit aggressive for our taste.

Fitspirational Quotes
General motivational quotes from Maya Angelou or Michelle Obama are one thing, but fitspirational quotes are a horse of a different color. Subtly judgmental and often downright stupid ones like “Sweat is fat crying” or “You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it” are insensitive and unnecessary.

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Photos of Treadmill Screens
You ran 12 miles in record time. Congratulations, but the vast majority of your followers don’t really care. Also, treadmill screens aren’t even pretty. A doughnut, on the other hand…

Rants About Other People
We don’t care if the woman using the treadmill before you didn’t wipe it down to your standards or you don’t approve of a guy’s lifting attire. Go complain to the gym receptionist, not us.

Humble Brags
Soooo tired after work but still made it to the gym before it closed! #gymflow.” Outright bragging is one thing—an annoying thing—but humble bragging is worse. If you must praise yourself on social media for getting to the gym, just be upfront about it.

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workout social diet
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Details About Your Diet
Making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle is commendable, but it’s not necessarily shareable. In other words, what you choose to put into your body is boring. (Unless it’s a really pretty doughnut. See above.)

Or any other workout-related injury. No one (and we really do mean no one) wants to be casually scrolling through Instagram on their lunch break only to stumble upon an open wound you got from a rowing machine.

workout social couple
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Couples Workout Photos
Wait, is that even safe?

Squat Videos
We get that squats are awesome, but we’re feeling wayyyyy too up close and personal with your butt right now. There are children on Instagram, folks.

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