The Only Thing Better than Watching ‘The City’ Is Watching Whitney Port React to It

We’re not the only ones binging old episodes of reality TV…so is Whitney Port.

The 35-year-old vlogger, fashion designer, mom and former star of MTV’s The Hills and The City has not only been revisiting her old TV shows, but filming her reactions to all the juicy goss a decade later, then sharing them on YouTube. She’s calling it, “Reacting to the City,” and it’s arguably even better than the original show.

And while it seems like something that could only spawn from 100-plus days in quarantine, the videos actually began in June 2019, when Port and her husband, TV producer Tim Rosenman, did a livestream of their reaction to the first episode of The Hills. The City, the 2008-to-2010 series—which you’ll recall was a spin-off of The Hills, which was a spin-off of Laguna Beach (which was kind of like a reality-TV version of The O.C.)—followed Port’s move from California to New York City and subsequent adventures as an employee for Diane von Fürstenberg.

In each video, Port and Rosenman sit on their couch in sweatpants, rewatch an episode of The City and react in realtime as clips of the show pop up on-screen. Sometimes they eat snacks. If you’re a devoted fan of the MTV series, you’ll be able to reminisce with them. If you’ve never seen the show, you have homework to do.

We already know how honest Port tends to be on her YouTube channel, having previously chronicled her struggles with breastfeeding and shared videos like “I Love My Husband, but We Fight.” So naturally, the City reaction videos are just as open and revealing. It’s kinda cute and very hard to stop watching. (We’ve already gone through all of them—oops.)

Maybe in 2021 we’ll get an MTV spin-off of The City. It’ll be called The Quarantine.

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