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Your friend wants to have a coffee date, your boyfriend suggests a beachside hike and your sister wants to take you shopping. But none of their suggestions really ring your bell. (Thanks tho!)

Here’s a better idea: Pick your next activity or destination based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. (If you don’t know yours, find out immediately.) Then read the list to discover your new happy place.

Architect - INTJ

You’re analytical and maybe earned the nickname “bookworm” as a kid. Wear that title loud and proud at DTLA’s soaring The Last Bookstore, where readings and events summon smartypants introverts from all over L.A.

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Logician - INTP

Nothing engages you more than a puzzle. Which is good, because at Maze LA you have to use clues to escape from a room. The interactive game locks you in a castle with treasures, some friends and hopefully the wits to figure out how to get out.

Commander - ENTJ

You’re charismatic, powerful--and competitive. So why not grab a couple friends and challenge them to see who can get up to the Hollywood sign first? Nothing like a 45-degree incline to test your resolve.

Debater - ENTP

A good argument is energizing to you--but secretly, you like a little bit of mystery to go along with your hard facts. Hit the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice for a dose of woo-woo theology in spiritual books or a tarot-card reading.

Advocate - INFJ

As a quiet and mystical type, you will love the release of The Class with Taryn Toomey, in which a vibrant teacher leads you through high-energy yoga slash boot camp that includes personal affirmations. Think: Sweaty group therapy.

Mediator - INFP

You’re an idealist, and you'll feel in harmony with the balanced perfection of the Greek architecture overlooking the Pacific at the Getty Villa.


Protagonist - ENFJ

You hard-driving extrovert, you. Take some time to lavish attention on your bestie--while giving yourself some me-time--by joining your friend for side-by-side manis or pedis at one of several Bellacures salons around town.

Person Campaign 1105x542

Campaigner - ENFP

You’re energetic and friendly and you love people. Have you heard there’s an election going on? Yup, Cali’s packing when it comes to numbers of delegates (546 Democrat, 172 Republican). And all the different campaigns want your help.

Logistician - ISTJ

Only the facts ma’am. You like science, information and analysis of whatever situation you’re in. So why not see how beautiful cold hard facts can be, writ large, by visiting the Griffith Observatory for one of its nighttime shows?

Defender - ISFJ

You’re really into giving your time to those who need it, and who needs it more than your furry little friends at No-Kill L.A.? So volunteer and feel fulfilled.

Executive - ESTJ

You love facts, organization and seeing hard work pay off. But life is not only an office job, so get outside and see the ongoing excavation work at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum.

Consul - ESFJ

The energy of a crowd and fun of fashion excite you, so grab your plastic and head to Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. To some, it’s just an outdoor mall; to you, it’s a thrilling gumbo of street performers and open-air cafés a block from the ocean.

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Virtuouso - ISTP

You’re a big experimenter and way creative…so how about seeing how many ways you can prep the organic fare you source at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market?

Adventurer - ISFP

You want to be hip to the next big thing, and in Los Angeles that means the gallery scene. Not much is edgier than Night Gallery, where everything from comedy nights to performance art is happening. Oh and there are paintings and sculptures, too.

Entrepreneur - ESTP

You’re quick-witted. You like action, and you aren’t averse to risk. So why not put those features to the test with a little roulette, poker or blackjack? San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino is only 90 minutes away in Highland.

Entertainer - ESFP

Feel a little abashed by all the LOOK AT MY TALENT energy in town? Get onstage with your guitar or your words at the outdoor Tuesday Night Project in Chinatown. Fourteen years old and still going strong, the show pulls in a couple hundred people the first and third Tuesdays of each month…maybe to watch you!