17 Things Its Perfectly OK to Lie About
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We all know lying is bad. But on the rare occasion, fibs help you from hurting someone close to you (namely, when that someone is you).

For example, it’s perfectly fine to lie when…

1. You’re not actually five minutes away. In fact you’re in your bed and haven’t even cracked a mirror yet.

2. You see an old acquaintance and agree that you should totally grab coffee and catch up. “OK, I’ll call you!!”

3. Your current coworker asks if you’re looking for another job (and you are). “Mmm, super happy. Yeah, really love this new open-concept floor plan.”

4. You’re rushing out the door and your friend can’t decide on an outfit and Yes, you look perfect. C’mon we’re so late.

5. You and your husband agreed to wait to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones together but you miiiight have snuck in a preview already.

6. Your boss asks if you want to see the 500 wedding photos she just got. “Want”--what an interesting word…

7. Your mother-in-law’s lasagna is more reminiscent of cardboard than heavenly carbs.

8. Your friend was a tad overserved last night and asks you how bad it was. It's probably for the best she dropped her phone in that pitcher of beer. 

9. Your friend’s makeup is vaguely clown-like…and it’s her wedding day. 

10. Anyone asks you how much you spent on anything. Whether it's a Chanel bag or Walmart jeans. 

11. Anyone asks you what your “number” is. Yes, we're talking about sex, but this also applies to pizza slices.

12. You definitely didn't read the 15-page New Yorker piece on the parallels between the American presidential election and the Brexit. "But ah yes, that's a fascinating point indeed." 

13. Your friend’s friend invites you to karaoke. Singing Katy Perry with virtual strangers: Nope. 

14. Your friend invites you to karaoke. Singing Katy Perry with people you actually like: Still nope. 

15. Someone kindly gives you a gift but you would never have chosen it for yourself. "I've just never thought to try a fedora!"

16. You get pulled over and the officer asks if you know what you did. Cue the suuuuper genuine crocodile tears.

17. You have a secret stash of emergency chocolate that your kids cannot find out about.Because sometimes mom just needs three Kit Kats in a dark pantry. 

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