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Now you can have boba tea at the movies and cocktails at a reopened Rat Pack hangout—and after it all, stretch yourself silly for health, posture and seemingly longer legs. Plus, your pet’s going to love her new meat-scented chew toy.

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The Hot Fashion Label to Live In

Canadian maker Danita Short’s fledgling line Land of Distraction was inspired by a motorcycle road trip through the Deep South (including Graceland). Long slip dresses, a penchant for wide wale corduroy and jackets with a hint of Carhartt styling are the cool girl’s go-to uniform to wear now and layer in fall. We predict a lot more from Short, who has moved to L.A. part-time and whose Chateau Marmont launch party drew plenty of famously badass women, including Kate Bosworth, Angela Bassett and Jaime King.

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Big-deal local chefs Josiah Citrin and Hans Röckenwagner have taken over Dear John’s, the Rat Pack hangout that’s fallen out of step with our modern times. It’s named for actor Johnny Harlowe, a pal of Sinatra’s who was encouraged by Ol’ Blue Eyes to open the joint in 1962 just down the street from Sony Pictures Studios. Sinatra used to play piano there, as well as preside over tables full of the retro dishes that have been brought back (think: avocado crab Louie, oysters Rockefeller). Visit sooner, rather than later—the place is scheduled for demolition in two years, as the ongoing development of Culver City marches on.

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Hard-Core Stretching Workouts

While stretching classes have been the fitness world’s discipline du jour for a while now, there’s a new, next-level entry to the fray: SM Stretching. The Beverly Hills–based class is led by the gazelle-like Samira Mustafaeva, a gymnast who earned medals in international competitions representing her native Russia. But don’t worry, her classes aren’t Olympics-level impossible: A half-hour is spent toning abs and legs, and another half-hour is devoted to easing muscles into long and lovely shapes (in one move, you place your feet on pillows facing opposite ways, then slide them as far as you can in opposite directions). Afterward, you feel invigorated and only the teensiest bit destroyed. And Mustafaeva promises to have you close to a split in about ten sessions.

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Durchdringung (Penetration) for Paul Klee's course, Léna Bergner, ca. 1925–1932. The Getty Research Institute, 850514. © Heirs of Léna Bergner

A Museum Show You Can Enjoy Online

In honor of the wildly influential Bauhaus art school (they’re the German brainiacs who made crafts, visual arts and architecture before the Nazis shut them down in 1933), the Getty Center is marking the 100th anniversary of the movement by mounting an exhibition that includes colorful drawings, building models and geometric weavings at its Brentwood campus. At the same time, there’s a whole interactive online exhibit viewers can experience anytime, including puzzling through master painter Wassily Kandinsky’s exercise on the “shape” of color and animating your own zany choreography based on Oskar Schlemmer’s iconic The Triadic Ballet.

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Super-Scented Dog Toys

Drive Fido mad with desire with Playology toys. This collection of rope, rubber rings and squeaky toys is imbued with the teensiest bit of musky scent, evocative of umami that humans can barely smell. But since canines have scent receptors three times as big as a human’s (and 10,000 times more powerful), dogs basically think they are playing with a steak instead of a toy. Added bonus—the rope toy includes slobber-wicking tech.

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Crazy Sweet Treats at the Concession Stand

Netflix, we love you, but you can’t compete with the game unleashed by ArcLightCinemas’ summer of sweet treats. Boba Guys is serving caramel corn boba milk tea through July 25 at the ArcLight in Hollywood. Next comes McConnell’s vanilla ice cream with caramel corn cookies from July 26 to August 22, and Compartes’s caramel corn chocolate bar, available from August 23 to September 20.

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Dystopian Theater, With Laughs

From the ice age through times of biblical flood to 20th-century New Jersey, the Antrobus family—the family of man, as The Skin of Our Teeth suggests—endures. Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play debuted in 1942, and its vignettes of human forbearance and wacky happenstance are as relevant now as they were then. See it beginning July 13 at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum, an outdoor theater under the trees in Topanga.

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