With so many streaming services at our disposal these days, it can feel almost impossible to settle on something to watch. Sometimes, we find ourselves scrolling and scrolling for so long that ultimately, we just end up turning off the TV and going to bed. But even when sites like Netflix offer us their most-watched titles, it still feels hard to pick among all the trending TV shows and movies (not to mention the fact that just because it's trending, doesn't always mean it's good). Luckily, we've decided to make this process a little easier by rounding up some of the best shows and movies from various streaming services in order to turn that endless scroll into a problem of the past. From new shows like God's Favorite Idiot to recent winners you might have missed, like Plan B, here's what to watch this weekend.

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1. ‘Starstruck’

If you're looking for a TV comedy in the vein of classic ’90s rom-coms like Runaway Bride and Notting Hill, then Starstruck will become your latest obsession. The basic premise: A woman thinks she's having a regular one-night stand, until she discovers that her hookup is an A-list celebrity, and she'll have to decide if their romance is worth the struggles that come with fame. PureWow's Senior Editor, Rachel Bowie, adored the series, writing, “It’s Notting Hill in reverse, but it’s less saccharine and sweet. Instead, it’s infused with a delicious combo of British quirkiness and whip-smart humor and I just can’t get enough.”

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2. ‘Thor’

Chris Hemsworth is picking up the hammer once again and returning to the Marvel universe in Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits theaters on July 8. For any MCU fans who want a rewatch, or any superhero fanatics who may have missed the action-packed first installment, now is the ideal time to watch the 2011 flick Thor. In the film, we follow the Norse god of thunder as he is banished from his home of Asgard and sent to Earth. And if you're feeling a marathon, follow Thor up with its two sequels, Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.

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3. ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’

God's Favorite Idiot is a workplace drama with a spin, where a tech employee (Ben Falcone) gets struck by lightning and discovers that he has a strange new connection to God. Also starring Falcone's real-life wife, Melissa McCarthy, this apocalyptic comedy was a hit according to PureWow's VP of News and Entertainment, Phil Mutz, who reported on the Stream On podcast that the series “is really freaking funny” and is reminiscent of the film Bridesmaids, which will surely please comedy fans.

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4. ‘Plan B’

In case you missed it, Hulu's Plan B is a raunchy and emotional teen comedy about two girls who embark on a road trip in an attempt to find a Plan B pill after a night of debauchery goes wrong. With winning performances, plenty of heart and a powerful commentary on reproductive rights in the United States, it feels like no better time to revisit this stirring film.

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5. ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

For fans of To All the Boys I Loved Before, there's a new Amazon Prime TV show adapted from a series of books by Jenny Han, the same author who wrote the To All the Boys series. In this beachy, coming-of-age story, Isabel "Belly" Conklin reunites with two of her childhood friends, but quickly finds herself in a love triangle. In her 4.5-star review, PureWow's Assistant Editor, Nakeisha Campbell, wrote, “The Summer I Turned Pretty follows the YA romance formula to a T, but still manages to feel fresh with a charming cast and just enough drama to keep viewers watching.”

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6. ‘The Post’

Earlier this week, Meryl Streep celebrated her 73rd birthday, which means now is the perfect time to revisit some of the acting legend's hits. If you haven't seen it, The Post is a highlight among the actress's oeuvre, and it was one of the (many) films that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. In the film, Streep plays Katharine Graham, who worked as the publisher of The Washington Post from 1963 to 1991, and we see the story of how she teamed up with fellow editors in an attempt to publish the infamous Pentagon Papers.

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7. ‘Queer as Folk’

If this title sounds familiar, that's because Queer as Folk originated as a 1999 British TV series of the same name from Russell T. Davies, which was then adapted for American screens a year later. Now, the series is getting a breath of fresh air in 2022, with a stellar cast and a wider coverage of queer experiences brought to life on TV. While some of the subject material might be a little emotional for viewers, this series is full of pride, and we think it will please fans of the older versions, as well as newcomers.

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8. ‘Hustle’

Adam Sandler is back, but he's not playing the role you'd expect. In his new movie Hustle (which is currently dominating the Netflix charts), Sandler plays a basketball scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, who sets out to find the best rookie player in order to win the good graces of his bosses. As PureWow's Senior Editor, Greta Heggeness, pointed out in her 4-star review, this Netflix flick offers Sandler's usual level of comedy, but it's not as goofy as films like Happy Gilmore. She said, “Regardless of your feelings about basketball, Hustle is a must-watch for anyone who’s looking for an inspirational—yet entertaining—film.”

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9. ‘Peaky Blinders’

Peaky Blinders follows a gang in early 20th century Britain who have caught the attention of the British government, but persist with their crimes due to the orders of a ruthless boss. Although the BBC series wrapped with its sixth season back in April, the final episodes are finally available to stream on Netflix. On Stream On, PureWow's Managing Editor, Rachel Gulmi, praised the series, saying, “It's so good,” and commending the acting, costumes and storytelling.

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