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The US Open takes its food almost as seriously as it takes its tennis. They bring in some of the country’s best chefs to supply the eats, and you won’t find just any ol’ hot dog stands lying around. Make sure to nab your tickets to the tournament, and here’s a rundown of exactly which dishes to keep top of mind when you’re navigating your way through the food villages.

US Open

Grey Goose Honey Deuce

Tennis fans know the summer’s not complete until they’ve cooled off with the US Open’s signature cocktail. The Honey Deuce is made with Grey Goose Vodka, lemonade and a touch of sweet raspberry liqueur. They even top it with little honeydew melon “tennis” balls, because, well, it’s adorable. 

US Open

Signature Lobster Roll

Frankly, we’d head to Queens just to get our hands on one of these. The US Open is known for supplying the gourmet rolls, and you’d be remiss not to have at least one. The rolls are so fresh and buttery that sinking your teeth into them will make you feel like summer just might last forever.

US Open

Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich

Pat LaFrieda is a famous butcher from New Jersey, and his steak sandwiches, found at Pat LaFrieda Meat Co, are a fan favorite every year. He tops his hand-cut Black Angus filet mignon with au jus, Monterey Jack cheese and caramelized onions, and serves it up on a toasted roll. “Au jus take all the steak sandwiches you have, please.”

US Open

Korilla BBQ Bulgogi Bowl

Korilla BBQ is hands-down one of New York City’s most popular food trucks, and they’re setting up shop at the US Open Food Village with marinated rib eye (aka bulgogi) bowls. These come with purple rice, caramelized kimchi, bean sprouts, fire-roasted corn, garlic spinach and your choice of bulgogi for a melt-in-your-mouth lunch. Consider it fuel for cheering on your favorite players all afternoon.

US Open

BLT Fish Shack Shrimp Po’ Boy

The original BLT Fish Shack in Union Square is now closed, but chef David Burke is serving up a revival of his seafood staple, shrimp po’ boys. Just picture panko-breaded jumbo shrimp with sautéed corn, red onion, peppers and bacon relish on a chipotle aioli bun next to a pile of slaw. Try not to start licking your lips.

US Open

Flaming Ouzo Shrimp

Chef Tony Mantuano’s US Open post is called Wine Bar Food, and here you can find one of his best-known dishes: flaming ouzo shrimp. It’s a crowd favorite, so line up early to taste the spicy pepper, potatoes and shrimp between matches. The heat in this dish is no joke, so be sure to wash it down with a nice tall glass of Honey Deuce.

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