How to Have the Best Saturday Night Ever in the Hamptons

Cozy up by the fire pit

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Weekend nights in the Hamptons have a lot more to offer than bottles and models (but hey, if you have any $27,000 rosé lying around, we’ll take it). Here’s how nine of our favorite Hamptons tastemakers kick back on Saturday nights. Watermelon granita by the fire pit? Don’t mind if we do.

Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson, Founder And Creative Director Of Michi

“My favorite Saturday nights have been spent at friends’ houses in Southampton or in Montauk, but I always have a lot of fun at the Surf Lodge.”

Soigne' Khotari

Soigné Kothari, Ceo Of Hueb Jewelry

“I love the organic food at the Crow’s Nest in Montauk and the amazing Italian food at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton.”

Jennifer Bandier

Jennifer Bandier, Founder Of Bandier

Sant Ambroeus in Southampton is my go-to spot. I love the caprese and the insalata di carciofi. Both are healthy, fresh salads that are perfect for summer.”

Maria Baum

Maria Baum, Owner Of Dopo La Spiaggia And Ceo Of Tracy Anderson

“I’m lucky enough to live on the water and enjoy the beautiful Hamptons sunset from home, but there's nothing like taking my kids to Long Beach in Sag Harbor to sit in the sand and watch the sun go down. The light is magnificent. It’s a magical spot.”

Katie Lee

Katie Lee, Culinary Personality And Best-selling Author

“Most likely I’ll invite some friends over. At cocktail hour, I put together a tray with a few snacks (I like kettle chips and olives, and something homemade, like hummus with fresh veggies). For dinner, I keep it casual and do something fun, like a taco bar with peach salsa. I’ll also make a big salad with some of the produce I picked up earlier. For dessert, I like to make fruit kebabs or watermelon granita. Then everyone just hangs out by the fire pit until it’s time for bed.”

Lis and Fred DeVito

Fred Devito, Cocreator Of Core Fusion

“My wife, Lis, and I co-teach classes at Exhale Bridgehampton all summer long. On Saturday nights we love to make dinner from our organic garden, including fresh salads with heirloom tomatoes. A glass of wine from Wölffer Estate is a summer staple. We love to go out and eat at Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor, Wölffer Kitchen and Little Red in Southampton.”

Emily Turner

Emily Turner, Soulcycle Senior Instructor

“My ideal night out is having a Montauk Summer Ale at Montauket and watching the sunset, followed by dinner at the Crow's Nest, Harvest or Inlet. Then, depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either head home to rest up for early-morning surfing and SoulCycle the next day, orI’ll head out for a bit to grab drinks with friends in town.”

David Bowd

David Bowd, Chief Executive Of Salt Hotels

“I love the old-school vibe of the American Hotel in Sag Harbor for traditional cocktails and dinner, and Main Street is great for a stroll before or after. Or grab one of the hotel’s backgammon boards and relax with a glass of wine in the lobby.”

Gabrielle Edwards

Gabrielle Edwards, Vp & Head Buyer Of Mixology Clothing Company

“One of my favorite things to do in the Hamptons is go to Sunset Beach by car or boat for the day, and stay for the sunset and dinner. You feel like you’re in a beachy European town, and the sunsets are incredible.”