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You’re a pro at coming up with reasons to say “no.” There’s the “early day tomorrow” excuse, the “too much work” one and, if all else fails, old reliable: “Gotta take the dog out.” But what if you flipped the script? Here’s what might happen if you were to say yes to everything (within reason, people) for a month.

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You Might Feel Overextended at First

Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Saying “yes” to every “We should do coffee” means you’re taking time away from doing something else. So finding time to recharge with a home-cooked family dinner or a couch date with your favorite tearjerker might be hard to do.

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...And You Might Get Resentful

Ugh, you told your coworker Todd you’d do his expense report. Usually you’re great at being straightforward about what works for you. But hey, this is an experiment. Which brings us to…

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You Might Find Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

Saying “yes” to the barista’s invitation somehow led you to a college frat party. This is a far, far cry from your usual Thursday book club.

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...But You Might Also Make a Few New Friends

We all know how hard it is to make new BFFs when you are stuck in a routine. But following through on those empty coffee date promises could lead to the beginnings of a new friendship. And speaking of which…

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You Might Actually Discover Something About Yourself

So your new friend does roller derby. How awesome is that? You might just find yourself going from supporting her to joining the squad because, hey, it's actually a really healthy way to get out all of that aggression toward Todd.

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...And Realize There are Bigger Things to Say “Yes” To

Whoa, you never realized how often you were saying “no” to things that really make you happy (like your kids, family and Chopped marathons) because you were saying “yes” to other things (like work).

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You Might Wind Up Valuing Your Time More

Ya know what, Todd? I have to get home tonight. There’s a Chopped marathon I’m not going to miss. 

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