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Now Delivering Weather-Friendly Outfit Updates

How many times have you left your house without checking the weather, only to find your freshly blown-out hair instantly turned into a halo of frizz? Or worse, stuck in a downpour a mere five minutes after stepping out the door…sans umbrella, of course.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get those crucial weather updates right from the website you check every morning before getting out of bed? (Hint, hint, that’s us.) Well, now you can.

We’ve teamed up with Dove Dry Oil Body Wash and Beauty Bar to bring you three months of weather forecasting right from our homepage. Each day, we’ll showcase the daily weather for your zip code, plus three products you’ll need to help the day run a little bit smoother--whether it’s hot and humid in Dallas, cool and overcast in San Francisco or sunny and 75 degrees on Martha’s Vineyard.

To find the daily updates, head to the PureWow homepage and open the banner to reveal today’s temp, humidity scale and daily essentials. Make it a habit and you’re on your way to becoming the most put-together woman on the block.

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