23 Ways You're Being Rude Without Even Realizing It

Hey, someone had to tell you

You are awesome. But every once in a while you dip into jerk territory, and it’s about time someone let you know it. Here are 23 times you’ve momentarily slipped into jerk mode without even realizing it.

1. When you constantly checked your phone at a meal with someone. Ten points from Gryffindor if that someone was your grandma.

2. When you zoned out playing Candy Crush in the checkout line. Just answer the question, "cash or credit?"

3. When you fell into an Instagram black hole at your friend’s party. Look up. There are actual humans around you.

4. When you texted while driving. It's also illegal. 

5. When you under-tipped your waiter. Maybe she gave you some 'tude, but the truth is you’re saving up for that new couch.

6. When you became "that person" in the restaurant who sends her food back. OK, the steak was a little rare.

7. When you forgot to say thank you to the waiter. The guy is running around all night and has miraculously kept your water glass full.

8. When you made the "waiter, I’m ready" face. You know, that awful, squinty-eyed glare across the room because it’s been more than a few minutes since you asked for a few more minutes? Yeah, that face.

9. When you canceled plans at the last minute. You did have a lot Real Housewives to catch up on.

10. When you didn’t return a call. Your mom is literally waiting by the phone for you.

11. When you never sent that thank-you note. Manners 101. Failed.

12. When you didn’t wish a good friend "happy birthday." This day and age? How many more reminders do you actually need?

13. When you borrowed something and returned it late. Your neighbor was expecting that Crock-Pot two days ago.

14. Or worse, you kept something for so long that you forgot you even borrowed it. Just because it’s been in your kitchen for two years doesn’t actually make it yours.

15. Or much, much worse: You returned what you borrowed but broken. Major faux pas.

16. When you actually sent that snarky email you wrote in a huff. Count to ten before you make any more rash decisions.

17. When you told a little white lie about an email going to trash because you didn't feel like responding. Hey, we’ve all been there.

18. When you secretly used someone else's food in the work fridge. We’re all about the sharing culture, but the last drop of Sriracha? Cruel.

19. When you complained. A lot. You’re not the only one running around on no sleep.

20. When you assumed that everybody wants to see every picture you’ve ever taken of your toddler. Well, we kinda do.

21. Or your amazing kitchen redesign. On second thought, we do want to know what granite you went with.

22. Or your incredible, four-star vacation. Wait, actually, thank you for the itinerary.

23. Or photos of your post-workout abs. OK, now we’re just jealous. Rude.