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Caveat is the Comedy Club for Smart People

Wanna know New York’s premier destination for intelligent nightlife? It’s Caveat, where you’ll leave any show a little smarter, a little drunker and more than a little entertained.  

We’re talking shows like Unteachables, in which a class of popular comedians gets schooled by an amazing teacher/expert. Or Versus, which is like WrestleMania meets debate club (guest brainiacs compete to see who knows more). Then there’s Astronaut Training, in which real scientists try to survive, well, actual outer-space preparations; plus Yeah She Did, in which female-identifying comedians, writers and storytellers share stories of some of the greatest women ever (ones that history forgot). 

And closest to our MTA-addled heart is Why Your Train Is F*cked, a dirty (duh), sexy (srsly?) and useful (there will be secret hacks) show with DL subway intel. Grab a friend and head to Caveat ASAP—because a straphanging mind is a terrible thing to waste.

21A Clinton St.; 212-228-2100 or

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