Fans Think This Story Arc on ‘Virgin River’ Is Totally “Pointless”

Warning: Spoilers ahead

From picturesque scenery to feel-good romances, there are so many things to love about Virgin River. But nothing's perfect—and some say there's a huge flaw in one particular story arc.

The series follows Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), as she adjusts to life in a remote California town, where she's working as a nurse practitioner. Which is why some fans have taken to Reddit to argue that a subplot involving two teens on the show, Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), and Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) was totally unnecessary—especially since it din't align with the show's more mature themes. They wrote, "What was the point of Lizzie and Ricky's storyline. I've watched several teen based shows and Virgin River is sexy, full of drama and mature, so I don't give a f**k about Lizzie and Ricky losing their virginity and Ricky rebelling."

A few other fans shared the sentiment in the comments, although one person also pointed out that several inconsistencies made the young couple's relationship difficult to follow. They wrote, "Their storyline is so confusing. One moment she's flirting with Brody, then she's using Ricky to go shopping in the town over. And next she's head over heals in love with Ricky?"

Another fan pointed out that Lizzie's character is very immature for her age, making it hard to take her too seriously. They said, "That storyline was badly executed, IMO. In the books, Lizzie is 14 years old, but she was aged up to 19 in the show. They still wrote her in the show as if she were 14, though. It’s a bit strange, like they forgot they made her 19." Fair point.

Fans will recall that Lizzie's aunt Connie (Nicola Cavendish) didn't approve of her niece's sexual relationship with Ricky. In fact, after the two lost their virginity, Connie insisted that Lizzie stop seeing him. But in season three, the couple eventually called it quits, mainly because Ricky decided to join the Marines without telling her.

Some viewers will be happy to know that this could mean less screen time for both characters going forward. But then again, we'll never truly know until season four drops.

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