Even if the idea of a day devoted to Hallmark-inspired romance makes you gag, you can earn yourself serious brownie points by surprising your sweetie with something…well, sweet. Here, seven Valentine’s Day gift ideas, whether you’ve been dating for five days or five years. 

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valentines gifts paperless post

5 Days: A Paperless Post That’s Breezy and Noncommittal

A week into your “relationship,” there’s no need to do much, but if a second date happens to fall in or around Valentine’s Day, you could nod to the awkwardness with a cheeky and lighthearted digital card. (Send this, not this.)

valentines gifts Candy

1 Month: A Candy Gram

At this juncture, something sweet—and low effort—is the perfect way to show you care. Sure, you could bake something from scratch, or you could log online last-minute and order him a Sugarwish. (For just $16.50, he can select two of his favorite candies—like Swedish fish or M&Ms—and have them delivered speedily to his door.)

valentines gifts hoodie

3 Months: A High-End Hoodie

Whoa, you guys are totally Instagram-official. Clothing is a solid way to go as long as you buy something—like this super-soft but also structured sweatshirt—you know he’ll wear. (The best part is he might even let you borrow.)

valentines gifts waffles
GMVozd/Getty Images

6 Months: A Waffle Maker

He loves to cook and breakfast at his apartment (oh la la) could use a bit of an upgrade. Bonus points if you spring for one that’s heart-shaped.

valentines gifts netflix

1 Year: A Netflix Subscription

Or Hulu or HBO Now or Amazon Prime—aka whichever service one of you still doesn’t have. Here’s why it’s a good gift: It shows you’re kicking your couple status up a notch (shared passwords, whoa), but still doesn’t break the bank. (A one-year subscription will cost you just $120.)

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valentines gifts moisturizer

5 Years: A Manly Moisturizer

Hello, intimacy. Gifting your dude a luxe beauty product that allows him to tenderly (and healthfully) care for his skin—like this double-duty face moisturizer from Jack Black—is a sign of real love.

valentines gifts nightie

15 Years: An Eberjey Nighty

OK, so this gift is sorta for you…but also for him. (Wink wink.)

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