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There are so many apps that make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Spotify, Instagram and Pokémon Go are just a few. But for every app we couldn’t live without, there’s an app that makes us roll our eyes at best and question humanity at worst. Here, five of the latter type. 

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apps nene

What it does:
It counts. That’s pretty much it.
What we think: You guys. The abacus dates back to 2700 B.C. Have we learned nothing since then? (Related: Why do you think we have fingers?)

apps liz

Poop with Us
What it does: Lets you ask other people to scoop your dog?s poop.
What we think: A real dog owner picks up their dog?s poop. Just sayin?.

Is It Dark Outside?
What it does: Based on your current location and time zone, this app determines if it?s dark outside or not.
What we think: If Britney Spears got through 2007, you can grasp the concept of day and night.

apps nicki

What it does:
Turns your phone’s speakers into the lowest powered fan of all time.
What we think: Wait, why? Seriously, why would you ever need this?

Celebrity Heights
What it does: Tells you how tall famous people are.
What we think: Tom Cruise and Beyoncé are the same height?! And Rihanna is taller than both of them?!?! OK fine, maybe this one could be fun…

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