Looking for a new documentary to binge that’s focused on something other than murders or missing persons? Well, Netflix just dropped a full season of the docuseries, Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, and people already seem on board.

On Tuesday, the streaming platform released all six episodes of the series, which does a deep dive into the existence of UFOs and the government’s role in possibly trying to cover it all up. The series originally aired on Sky History. After just one day on the service, it has already climbed up to the number three spot on Netflix’s most popular TV shows list.

We’re not exactly surprised, considering the doc’s official trailer has almost 1.5 million views on YouTube. Watch the teaser below.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “Original factual television series featuring the most recent information and proof exposing the most top-secret government projects that handled contacts with and cover-ups of, extraterrestrial presence on Earth.” It’s also important to mention that the series features a variety of interviews including one with Blink-182 member-turned-UFO researcher, Tom DeLonge, in episode four.

“I saw some really anomalous stuff one night out in the desert, zipping across the stars, horizon to horizon, zig zagging,” DeLonge says in the doc, per Newsweek. “That really blew my mind because no satellites move that way," he told the newspaper. "But, I can't tell you what it was. I think like most people, the stuff that I've seen is a lot of stuff on the internet where I bet some of it really is true, but you really don't know which pieces.”

Each episode is approximately 45 minutes, so there’s plenty of content to binge. We’re not saying we’re believers at this point, but if aliens and UFOs pique your interest, this is worth giving a shot.

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