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F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness. How pleasant then to be insane!” Yes, our 20s were great (pleasantly insane, even), but if we could have given our former selves a few key pointers, we most definitely would have. Here are 20 of them.


1. You are so freakin’ hot. Go put on a bikini right this instant. Just because.

2. Date everyone. Broke? Nerdy? Emotional? Date 'em.

3. Trust: You won’t be eating PB&Js and scrounging for rent money forever.


4. Call your mom. Call your grandma. Call your best friends from college. Call your 11th-grade Lit teacher who helped you pick a major. Remember that other people exist.

5. Don’t let Sammi talk you into that fourth shot. On a Tuesday.

6. Seriously…don’t overdo it on the partying. But also don’t beat yourself up for ending up in the backyard covered in glitter and silly string.


7. Hard work will pay off, but not right away, and maybe not at the same time as others around you. Be patient.

8. Money is definitely not the key to happiness. So find something you love doing and stick with it.

9. Know that you’ll have more money later. So stop worrying about that $4.70 balance in your bank account. Payday is tomorrow, right?


10. Start using sunscreen and moisturizer religiously. Like, now.

11. Take the trip of your dreams, even if it means not buying clothes for a year.


12. Write your thank-you cards. Then call your grandma again.

13. Museums. Ballet. Theatre. You’re not too young to enjoy activities that don’t involve alcohol.

14. Don’t hold grudges.

15. When all your friends are complaining about their diets, eat whatever the hell you want. (A whole pizza? Definitely!) Oh, and do it in that bikini we talked about.


16. Wear the uncomfortable (but gorgeous) shoes. High arches don’t last forever.

17. Never attempt to disassemble and reassemble IKEA furniture. Just move the whole damn thing. (Or leave it on the curb…that dresser cost $60.)


18. Remember that nobody dies from a broken heart.

19. Wait to get that tattoo until you’re 30.

20. When everyone and their dog is engaged, married, buying houses and having babies, don’t feel rushed. To shed some light: Here’s our favorite Mindy Kaling book from the future.

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