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There may be tons of TV shows set in New York, but for most of them, realism hasn’t been a top priority. It doesn’t help that until recently hardly any were actually filmed here. So we’re stoked when shows make entire story lines out of the New York experience. (Shout-outs to Louie and Broad City.) Here are 13 things TV shows actually nailed about life in NYC. 

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NY tvstuff list1

1. We do go out to eat way more than any non-New Yorker would consider reasonable. (We swear, 2017 is the year we’re going to cook more.)

2. But with so many options, we’re obsessed with finding the best version of every kind of food.

NY tvstuff list2

3. Which is why we research our every meal to a ridiculous degree. (We like to call it FOMO paralysis.)

4. Fine, we’ll admit it: We’re suckers for gimmicky baked goods. (Seriously, for a second we thought/hoped the churro-macaron hybrid on Broad City was real.)

NY tvstuff list3

5. Moving into (or out of) a fourth-floor walk-up is an utter nightmare.

6. As is retrieving a missed package.

NY tvstuff list4

7. We’re constantly lamenting how the city has changed.

8. Hope you like street noise, because it’s your permanent roommate!

NY tvstuff list5

9. The anger and frustration of living juuust outside a restaurant’s delivery zone is very, very real. (Though, thankfully, Postmates has somewhat alleviated this.)

10. But for the most part, it’s way too easy to get anything delivered to your door.

NY tvstuff list6
Comedy Central

11. Attempting to sell clothes at Beacon’s Closet is a terrifying, anxiety-inducing experience.

12. We all have that one friend who’s always inviting us to see their band/improv troupe/storytelling night/performance-art piece and we just keep promising to come. Someday, someday…

NY tvstuff list7

13. And despite it all, we can’t fathom why anyone in their right mind would ever want to leave this city. (OK, we get it, but still…)

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