20 Things to Stop Saying When You Cancel Plans

You're not "the worst"

We’ve all been there. You made plans to get drinks with an old friend two weeks ago, and the night has finally arrived. But instead of feeling excited, you’re stressed about the 1,000 other things on your plate, and ooh, if you could just take off your shoes and get under the covers, you’d be soooo happy.

Hey, it happens. But if you’re going to cancel, try to be straightforward instead of using a cliché excuse. Here are 20 things you need to stop saying when you cancel on someone.

1. “I’m the worst.” You’re so not, so don’t say it.

2. “Can we reschedge?” If you actually want to, suggest a new date.

3. “I’m not feeling good.” Sorry to be that person, but #grammarpolice.

4. “I’m not feeling well.” Nice save, but it still reeks of “this Chopped marathon is just too good.”

5. “Feeling under the weather.” You must’ve worn out the tires on #4 and #5.

6. “Let’s email about it next week.” Why not just suggest meeting up in a black hole?

7. “I’ll pencil you in.” You haven’t used a pencil since fifth grade.

8. “Pencil me in!” Commanding someone else to use a pencil? SMH.

9. “Stuck at work!” Everyone knows you’re just sitting there watching Amy Schumer clips.

10. “You’re totally going to kill me.” Violence is never the answer.

11. “Don’t hate me but…” Too late.

12. “Craziest. Week. Ever.” What, are you going for an Oscar?

13. “Soooooooo busy.” The more o’s, the less we believe you.

14. “I hate to do this but…” Nothing good ever started with that statement.

15. “Next week for sure!” Suspiciously optimistic.

16. “Next month for sure!” Don’t count on it.

17. “Next year for sure!” Yeeeeeah-no.

18. “Hubby’s sick.” You bad feminist, you.

19. “The kids are sick.” OK, fine we’ll grant you this one.

20. “:( Let’s face it: Your friend probably wanted to cancel, too.