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What’s not to love about autumn? Perfect weather, cozy outfits, toasty treats…that is, until our Insta feed turns into a cliché of orange and yellow and Starbucks icons. Here, five social media posts to avoid this season. 

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Feet in Leaves

We get it: You need to rake. But please find new ways to showcase your love of autumn. (May we suggest a Boomerang of leaf-throwing, for example?) 


Your Coffee Cup

First PSL of the season? We’re sure it’s delicious, but we don’t need to see proof. Nope, not even if your name is spelled wrong in a kind of funny but slightly annoying way. (Seriously, “Sara” with no “h” isn’t as hilarious as you think.)


A Mug of Hot Chocolate

Related to the PSL shot, but typically surrounded by cozy blankets and whatever ambitious book you want your social media followers to think you’re actually reading.

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Temperature Screenshots

Your weather app is showing 64 degrees and sunny? Amazing! And yet…nobody cares.

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Trust: When you’ve seen one giant cooked bird, you’ve seen them all.

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