Geographically speaking, anyone north of Kentucky and west of Texas won’t have a clue what we’re talking about. But if you were born, raised or currently reside in the South, you most definitely will relate to these 20 things.


1. Y’all better believe “y’all” is a word.

2. And y’all better believe we understand grammar just fine. But some things are tradition.

3. We know everyone in town (and all their cousins).

4. And if you need to know anything about any one of 'em, just ask Margene down at the hair parlor.


5. Grits aren’t just a breakfast staple. They’re a potluck mainstay when smothered with cheese and baked in a 9 x 13.

6. Anything beyond the front door is the porch.

7. Which is where we like to have our tea, ice-cold and sweet. (And our gossip hot.)

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8. It’s not that we’ve partied in a barn but that we party in barns.

9. With or without moonshine. Usually with. Shhh…it’s delicious with apple juice and simple syrup.

10. But no summer is complete without a big ol' crawfish boil and a family game of cornhole.


11. Catching lightning bugs in mason jars was one of our favorite childhood pastimes.

12. Along with falling asleep to the sweet lullaby of cricket chirps and toad croaks.

13. And learning about constellations from Stacy’s hot older brother. Who was Orion again?


14. We’re not ashamed to admit it: We definitely own some camo.

15. And, yes, we will ask for hot sauce at every meal.

16. And, no, we’re not afraid to get a little mud on our tires.

17. Or our boots.


18. We will drive hours on a Saturday to go to the big college gameday--even as adults, even if we didn’t technically go to that college.

19. Don’t even think about scheduling something on a Sunday because everything’s closed except church.

20. But if you want to stop by for some biscuits later, just holler!

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