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It’s not easy being red. For starters, we can never just lie low in a crowd. Whether we want it or not, our bright hair always attracts attention (and plenty of unsolicited comments from strangers). Here, 18 things only redheads understand.

redhead 1

1. First off, the terrible (and might we add, unoriginal) nicknames like “big red.” Or “carrot top.” Or “fireball.” And don’t even get us started on “ginger.”

2. Being told that we can’t wear certain shades. We can so pull off scarlet, thank you very much.

3. Having people constantly ask if it’s our real hair color.

4. And then them freaking out if we so much as mention that we’re thinking about getting highlights.

redhead 2

5. Worse than that? Being asked if the carpet matches the drapes.

6. What matches is our skin after two minutes in the sun.

7. Or any sort of exercise.

readhead 3

8. People just assume that we’re Irish.

9. Which makes St. Patrick’s Day extra annoying.

redhead 4

10. We’ve been referred to as a Weasley on more than one occasion. (Like it’s a bad thing!)

11. Or a hobbit. (So you mean adventurous and kind, right?)

redhead 5

12. Growing up, we never had a choice over which Disney princess we wanted to be.

redhead 6

13. People assume that we’re related to every other redhead in the vicinity.

14. Eyebrows and eyelashes don’t exist without a little help in the makeup department.

redhead 7

15. And finding a brow pencil to match is on par with scoring mint-condition Louboutins at a yard sale.

16. Makeup, in general, is tricky to nail down. What’s “fair” to you is “terra-cotta” to me.

redhead 8

17. Also, why isn’t there a dry shampoo for redheads?

18. All that said, we account for just 2 percent of the population…so who cares? We’re pretty damn special.

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