19 Things Only People Born in the '80s Will Get

Like, this is not accompanied by a cringing dial-up

We were born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s, and we love nothing more than to talk about it. So journey back with us to a time before smartphones and social networks, and let’s get nostalgic over things only people born in the '80s could understand…

1. That butterfly clips were intended for changing your appearance from “bleh” to “all that and a bag of chips.”

2. But that, really, you were a total amateur until you pulled two greasy hair strands from your ponytail next to your ears.

3. Because looking like you hadn’t showered or slept in a week was the actual goal.

4. That before Kylie Jenner, Lip Smacker ruled the lip game. (Dr Pepper flavor if you really want to get into it.)

5. That, in the privacy of your own JTT-postered bedroom, you practiced the "Macarena" just in case the earworm played at a skate party.

6. That you revolved your Saturday night social activities around SNICK.

7. That you could be a die-hard fan of either Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC. Not both, traitor.

8. That no world was more real than the Real World.

9. That Titanic refers to the movie, not the actual ship.

10. That your life was not adequately spiced until you “Spiced Up Your Life.”

11. That aliens were just a natural part of life--E.T. asked to borrow your phone, Mulder and Scully investigated the incident, and the Men in Black deleted your memory of it happening.

12. That watching a movie at home meant begging your parents to take you to Blockbuster…and accepting that you would pay the late fees.

13. That somehow milk ads drew the absolute biggest celebrities. That’s right, milk ads.

14. That calling into the radio station to request a song was the most empowering thing you did in your youth. Next to waiting for said song to play just so you could hit “record” on your tape deck.

15. That getting your own phone line meant talking for hours on end with the person who had the other half of your Best Friends necklace.

16. That America Online’s cringe-worthy dial-up was somehow music to your ears.

17. That your AIM profile was the epitome of self-expression. “You oughta know…”

18. That dropping off your disposable camera to be developed meant 24 hours of pure anticipation.

19. And that if you ever had a question you couldn’t talk about with your parents, you could also call Love Line. Or just pick up your Dream Phone.