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Queso without jalapeños is just hot cheese. And complaining about the heat happens all year round. These are just a couple of the things that Dallasites have come to consider as totally normal. Read on for the full list.

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valet DAL

Valet is everywhere. No, literally. Everywhere.

Dallas may be the only place where you have to use a valet to eat barbecue.

jalepenos DAL

JalapeÑos Should Be On the State Flag

They’re served on and in everything: cocktails, burgers, tacos, muffins, wine, you name it. Learn to love them or (kindly) leave.

white rock lake DAL

White Rock Lake is for looking, not swimming (gross)

You’ve been warned (by the dead fish occasionally floating on top). It really isn’t fair given the extremely hot temps in town, but life isn’t fair now, is it?

mambo taxi DAL

A Mambo Taxi is not a means of transportation with great tunes

Although a couple of these deliciously swirled margaritas will have you dancing like no one is watching. Most require an Uber home.

dallas cowboys DAL

Leaving town to support our favorite teams is just a part of life

The Dallas Cowboys are actually in Arlington. The Texas Rangers, too. Le sigh.

shopping mall kiosks DAL

No tacky kiosks at our mall (Thanks, Nancy Nasher)

NorthPark Center just might be the most artfully inspired mall ever, thanks to its mega philanthropist owner with an eye for art and fashion. No yo-yo or hair straightener pop-ups here, folks.

brunch DAL

Brunch is the most important meal of the day

And if you brunch well and brunch hard, it could very well be your only meal of the day (zzzzzzz). After all, aren’t Sundays supposed to be a day of rest?

80 and sunny DAL

80 degrees and sunny could describe a typical day in any season but summer

Times are tough when temps top 80 at the annual Turkey Trot and you are sipping iced coffee by the empty fireplace on Christmas morning. But would we trade it for anything? Of course not. 

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