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True, we wear a lot of hoodies and love to compost, but sometimes we forget that our passions really are unique to the 7x7. Read on to see what’s completely normal to you that might not be to, you know, people living outside of the bubble.

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farmers markets giph normal in san francisco

1. Farmers’ markets are our grocery stores.

2. Burritos are part of our weekly diet.

3. We sometimes say hella un-ironically.

4. “Did you feel the earthquake?” is no more alarming than “Did you catch the Giants game?”

traffic giph normal in san francisco

5. It takes at least 45 minutes to make the ten-mile trek to Oakland—no matter what day, time or mode of transportation.

6. A dude wearing only leather chaps on Castro Street? What’s so shocking?

7. Walking up those hills is brutal, OK? So yeah, sometimes we take an Uber a couple of blocks.

8. We plunk down $2,000 a month in rent for a studio apartment without flinching.

9. And if you say “grandfathered,” we think of real estate, not family.

office attire normal in san francisco
Pacific Issue

10. Hoodies count as perfectly appropriate work attire (in most offices, at least).

11. We almost never wear heels because they hurt our feet. We’re practical, people.

12. Winter coats and scarves are necessary in July. And we rocked layers before it was trendy.

13. We shun plastic and always have at least one reusable bag tucked into our purse.

composting giph normal in san francisco

14. We are crazy about composting. Just try to put that banana peel in the trash and see what happens.

15. Avocados are our apples. One a day, please.

16. Things like “social data wrangler” are actual job titles.

17. Dodging poop (animal or human?) on the sidewalk is a daily occurrence.

18. We all pray to the same gods…the parking gods.

karl the fog normal in san francisco

19. Our fog has a name. And its own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

20. The Folsom Street Fair is just another Sunday in SoMa.

21. Our sports teams win the World Series and NBA Championships on the regular.

22. Even if it’s rainy and cold, we’ll wait in line for a scoop of salted caramel from Bi-Rite.

23. We realize the absurdity of living in this crazy-expensive place, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. How could anyone survive without superior sourdough anyway?


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