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When you’re surrounded by iconic architecture, ridiculously photogenic eats and an endless supply of WTF moments, there’s no shortage of material for your various social media channels. But hey, it’s hard to maintain that unimpressed-New Yorker reputation when you post everything. Here are eight snaps we’re going to try our hardest to keep off our feed. (We can’t make any promises, though.) 

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rainbow bagel social media NY

The Viral Food du Jour

Oops. Guilty as charged. But let’s leave the doughnut grilled cheese and the rainbow bagels to the tourists, shall we? We’re supposed to be too cool for this stuff (even if we still want to eat it).

(Minor) MTA Rants

Hey, we’ve all been victims of delayed trains and erratic reroutes (like, a lot). But would you really rather be sitting in traffic or making awkward small talk in a carpool? We thought not. (Note: This only applies to mundane annoyances. Bizarre or major happenings are fair game.)

brunch social media NY

Overhead Brunch Shots

Because NYC restaurants are too small—and waits are too long—to accommodate every third person standing on a chair to snap their shakshuka.

brownstone stoop social media NY

Pensive Self-Portraits on Someone Else’s Stoop

Oh, you were inspired to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment in the West Village? If it’s not your brownstone or one you were at least invited to, please don’t. (Seriously, it’s trespassing.)

girls hbo cooking social media NY

Self-Congratulatory “I Cooked!” Posts

So you managed to forgo Seamless one night. Sorry, you don't get a medal for putting some Trader Joe’s arugula into a bowl and calling it salad.

manhattanhenge social media NY


Yeah, we said it. Sure, it’s magical—but when all of 23rd Street turns into a mob of Black Mirror-esque Instagram zombies, there’s something very, very wrong.

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’HAMILTON’ Playbill

Come on. Are you trying to make people hate you?

Cute Dogs

Just kidding. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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