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When you live in an Art Deco playground and are surrounded by ridiculously photogenic eats and an endless supply of street art, nightclubs and zany moments, there’s no shortage of material for your various social media channels. But hey, it’s hard to maintain the reputation of an unfazed local when you post everything. Here are eight snaps we’re going to try our hardest to keep off our feed. (We can’t make any promises, though.) 

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The Trendy Food Du Jour

It’s time to leave the rainbow doughnuts, smoking cocktails and crazy milkshakes for the tourists, you know? We’re supposed to be too cool for this stuff (even if we still want to eat it).

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Traffic Rants

Hey, we’ve all been victims of road closures on I-95 and standstill traffic on, well, basically every major highway. But let’s focus on the positive, shall we? (We can crank up the AC and forget it’s 90 degrees outside.)

Self-Portraits On the Beach

Gorgeous weather and a flattering bathing suit make for the perfect snap. But when you live in paradise year-round, how about limiting those bikini shots to maybe once a year? Cool? (OK, twice, tops.)

Anything Wynwood Walls

Do we really have to explain this one?

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Overhead Brunch Shots

Standing on a chair in the middle of the brunch rush? How about no. Honestly, we just want to feast on our bagel tower in peace.

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That 2 a.m. Nightclub Post

Bottle service, flashing lights (cue Kanye West) and falling confetti are run-of-the-mill here in Miami. Let’s just say that unless you’re onstage with Steve Aoki, you should probably pass on that snap.

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Art Deco and Neon Signage

We know, we know. Some of Miami’s Art Deco architecture (paired with those legendary neon light displays) is drop-dead gorgeous. It’s tempting, but—we hate to break it to you—not at all original. Leave that for the out-of-towners.

Cute Dogs

Just kidding, we’d never make you do that.

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