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You’ve seen your neighbor’s cat climb to Instagram celebrity status, but you know in your heart Piggy the pug is one hundred times more photogenic. So why not spend a little time curating your furry friend’s social media presence, too? Here, nine things you might be posting that are losing you the likes. 

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dog social media blurry running

Anything blurry
A wagging tail? Fine. An indiscriminate blob of fur? Still damn adorable, but it won’t break the internet. 

Overused puns
Doggone it, these are just pawful.

Only images and no videos
We want to see all her untethered excitement when you get walk through the front door.

dog social media costume

Your dog dressed in nicer clothes than most people own
Now you’re just making us jealous.

Their Junk
Modesty is a virtue, people.

Anything involving dog poop

dog social media dog eyes grass

Anything too far away
Who cares about backgrounds? We want to see every single whisker on your pooch’s precious face. 

Every trip to the vet
We could look at your dog all day. But his thirteenth nail trimming? Not so much.

The wrong birthday
Don’t be a Ryan Lochte.

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