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Guys: Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Which is why we have no qualms showing up in matching Minnie Mouse ears and shirts emblazoned with the words “We finish each other’s sandwiches.” (Inside Frozen joke, LOL.) Here, 24 things that only die-hard Disneyland fans understand.

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1. If you don’t arrive 30 minutes before the park opens, you might as well cancel the whole damn day.

2. Because it takes time to take the official Disney shuttle from the parking lot.

3. And, hello, even the monorail gets crazy packed.

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4. Securing your first FastPass of the day requires strategy. 

5. Also, sprinting.

6. Unless, of course, you planned ahead (you did) and downloaded the Disney app.

Disney World

7. Which means you can access all the ride wait times digitally in two seconds on your phone. Boom. 

8. That’s why you almost never spend a single minute in line for Indiana Jones. 

9. Or Tower of Terror (which—we’re devastated—is closing in California).

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10. Or Splash Mountain.

11. Speaking of which, there’s no greater pressure than striking the perfect pose as you come down that final water slide.

12. Because Disney Photopass is watching at all times.

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13. You melt into a puddle of nostalgia every time you encounter Mickey. 

14. And turn into the paparazzi whenever you spot a beloved character that’s also super obscure. (We love you, Rafiki!)

15. The day isn’t complete without a Mickey Mouse ice-cream sandwich. 

16. Or pretzel.

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17. Or balloon.

18. Picking just one pair of ears to wear to the park is impossible.

19. Which is why you rotate between Minnie and Pluto all day long.

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20. You hate, hate, hate deciding between the fireworks or World of Color.

21. But, dammit, the only thing better than Mickey is Elsa in water form. 

22. If you do hit up the fireworks, you never, ever leave immediately after. 

23. 'Cause the park stays open until midnight on weekends.

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24. And you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the Dumbo ride after dark. Ya just haven’t.

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