When your best friend gave you a monogrammed makeup bag and a sweet note asking you to be a bridesmaid, you had no idea it would eventually deplete half of your savings and nearly all of your patience. (Planning a bachelorette party by committee is no small feat.) That said, she’s still your friend. So no matter what, here are six things you should never, ever post to social media while a bridesmaid.

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bridesmaid social media wedding dress

The Bride in Her Dress Before the Wedding

Your BFF just said “yes” to the dress and you’re overwhelmed with all the feels. Still, hold back from sharing your glee with the world—even in 2016, the aisle is still a surprise.

bridesmaid social media orange juice robe phone

“Bridezilla” Email or Text Moments

OK, so the bride just sent you a 1,200-word essay on the difference between blush and dusty rose. Instead of venting to the World Wide Web about Bridezilla, just brush it off as wedding stress. No need to throw her under the bus for falling victim to the common cold of weddings.  

bridesmaid social media pink dresses
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You. In Your Bridesmaid Dress. Bummed.

Yeah, so that $300 gown you’re being forced to wear isn’t exactly your color…or shape…or, well, anything. Complain all you want to your mom. But soliciting sympathy on Facebook for an ugly dress? You’ll wind up looking uglier.

bridesmaid social media bachelorette

Bachelorette Pics That Might Embarrass the Bride-to-Be

Because the bride’s soon-to-be mother-in-law doesn’t need to see her with a Chippendales dancer named Ice-Tease.

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bridesmaid social media crying

Rants About Your Involvement With the Wedding

Being a bridesmaid can be tough—on everyone. This is what your personal diary is for.

bridesmaid social media weather umbrella

The Weather Forecast

The bride is well aware of the 99 percent chance of rain at her outdoor garden wedding. All you need to do is smile and offer to pick up the umbrellas. 

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