Sure, you’ve blossomed into a functioning adult who doesn’t demand group trust falls or burst out into Rodgers and Hammerstein at every opportunity. But you know what they say: Once a theater kid, always a theater kid. Here, 35 signs you’ve got an inner drama dork lurking inside you.


1. You have a favorite Sondheim musical.

2. And Ibsen drama.

3. And Shakespearean tragedy.

4. But you think Cats is totally trashy.


5. Your parents paid money to send you to camp at places with names like "French Woods" or "Hamlet's Briar.”

6. Where you never once put on a swimsuit.

7. But did spend a lot of time in air-conditioned trailers singing selections from Rent.

8. And made out with, like, nine guys who later dated each other.

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9. You know what the word "gobo" means.

10. And how to attach a Cf-clamp.

11. You own a mag light.

12. You own a beret.

13. You own the Spring Awakening original cast recording.

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14. You understand that no play is more dramatic than the audition process.

15. And your drama teacher was in an episode of Law & Order, which basically makes her a thespian goddess.

16. You kinda wish your mom had been more of a stage mom.

17. Because you totally could've nailed all those roles played by the little girl in Mrs. Doubtfire.

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18. You were always turning down plans thanks to #techrehersal.

19. And regularly skipped lunch to raid the costume closet (for '70s disco shorts of course).

20. You saved your mock turtlenecks to wear on blocking days.

21. You pronounce the "T" in words like "Latin" or “matter.”


22. Somewhere in your childhood bedroom there's a stack of old programs for shows you saw on Broadway in the early '90s.

23. As well as programs from your own high school productions.

24. That you signed for your mother.

25. Even though you were only cast as "Blind Girl 2."

26. But, hey, it was cool of your parents to buy that full-page ad and dedicate it to you and your brother.

27. Even though your brother was busy doing model UN and had absolutely NO role in The Miracle Worker.


28. You think the cast of Glee has the most fun job in the whole entire world.

29. And that Anne Hathaway is unfairly maligned.

30. C'mon, she's not that bad.

31. You have to admit that her pitch is fantastic.


32. You think there's no greater camaraderie than cast camaraderie.  

33. And no greater sound than applause.

34. And no better word than “yes.”

35. And upon entering a room, you still ask yourself, “What’s my moment before?”


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