Oh hey, gorgeous weather. Long time no see. Spend this summer picnicking in the park, chowing down on lobster rolls, sipping some refreshing Mot Ice and maybe getting up the courage to finally ride the Cyclone. Here are 21 must-do items to add to your summer bucket list.


1. Eat eggs benny with heirloom tomatoes alfresco at charming East Village brunch spot Narcissa.

2. Take a day trip to Cape May. In under three hours, you could be running through the surf--and you don’t even need a car to get there.

3. Get a new summer manicure at ethical, all-natural salon Van Court Studio.

4. A Central Park picnic is mandatory, but don’t forget about under-the-radar (read: less crowded) spots like Gantry State Park in Long Island City, Queens.

5. Eat a Maine-style lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster. Hint: It’s even more delicious with a bag of Cape Cod potato chips.

6. Escape the city and sleep over at the Graham & Co., a boutique hotel in the Catskills (plus, you can catch an outdoor movie in the mountains).

Moet & Chandon

7. Oh hi, rooftop bar season! We missed you. But the sweaty after-work swarms and overpriced cocktails? Not so much. Host your own outdoor happy hour instead: Sneak out to the fire escape and sip some refreshing Mot Ice Imperial. There's no need to chill in advance--it’s the first ever bubbly that’s meant to be served over ice. (That means your teeny fridge has more room for other NYC summer survival essentials, like eye cream and aloe vera.)

8. Have a picnic…and actually bring something you cooked. Might we recommend the super-easy and delicious chilled cucumber salad?

9. Go for a dip in the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn (but it can get crowded, so try to go before noon or after six).

10. Catch a tennis match at the U.S. Open. And don’t wait until the last minute to get tickets this time. (We’re looking at you, Miss Procrastinator.)

11. While you’re in the neighborhood, explore one of the biggest parks in NYC, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. In addition to hosting the U.S. Open, it was the site of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. Look at you, history buff.

Daniel Food Diary

12. Ice cream cones? Yawn. Try Thai-style ice cream rolls at Aiskilin on the Upper West Side. It’s basically ice cream that’s rolled flat, scraped up into spirals and topped with extra goodies.

13. Ride the rickety Coney Island Cyclone, the iconic roller coaster that’s been freaking out New Yorkers since 1927. (But maybe don’t eat an entire funnel cake before you get on it…do that after).

14. Play beach volleyball at Chelsea Piers. Oooo, sand between our toes…

15. Duck into secret speakeasy restaurant Dinnertable before it’s too crowded to get a seat.

16. Spend a cool summer night exploring a beautiful neighborhood you’ve never seen before. Anyone wanna take a field trip to Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights?

White Sneakers

17. Wear white sneakers, all day, every day--with everything from dresses to culottes.

18. After a hectic week at work, stroll through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and literally stop to smell the roses. Ahh, instant relaxation.

19. Need a break from the heat? Seek shelter in the always-freezing Museum of Natural History (we think the mega air conditioning has something to do with keeping the dinosaur bones cold).

20. Rent a Citibike and go for a breathtaking ride down Hudson River Park.

21. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, grab a pie from Grimaldis and remind yourself how damn lucky you are to live in New York City, the greatest place on earth.

NYC Bucket List

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