The 25 Best TV Shows Set in NYC, Ranked

Before moving to NYC, we learned everything we needed to know about the big city from our pals Lucy Ricardo, Serena Van der Woodsen and Detective Lennie Briscoe.

Now that we live here, we realize that some shows totally got it right, and some, well, didn’t. (Sorry, Smash and Felicity. We still love you.)

Here are the best 25 TV shows set in New York City, ranked.

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25. "mad About You"

We still think Murray is the best sitcom dog ever (close second, Eddie from Frasier).


24. "ugly Betty"

Bonus points for shooting the third and fourth season in NYC to make the show look more authentic.


23. "the Nanny"

The flashy girl from Flushing was our very first style icon.


22. "hey Arnold!"

We always loved that little football-headed kid.


21. "will & Grace"

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Everyone needs a gay best friend.


20. "taxi"

Um, 27-year-old Tony Danza can pick us up anytime.


19. "how I Met Your Mother"

Moral of the story: If a guy named Barney Stinson tries to give you his number at Little Branch, run.

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18. "the Odd Couple"

Oscar? Felix? We have some advice for you guys.


17. "mr. Robot"

Snaps for filming on actual New York streets (we’ve accidentally wandered on set at least twice this year, sorry about that).


16. "the Dick Van Dyke Show"

According to this show, at least 75 percent of living in NYC involves tripping over ottomans.

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15. "gossip Girl"


14. "louie"

Please come back for season six.


13. "the Honeymooners"

Fun fact: You can still go visit the original apartment where the Kramdens supposedly lived--328 Chauncey St. in Bushwick.


12. "law & Order"

Every franchise, always and forever. (Well, except L.A.)


11. "broad City"

Our new favorites. Abbi and Ilana, please be best friends with us forever.


10. "all In The Family"

Hmm, we bet there weren’t as many cold brew coffee shops in Astoria when the Bunkers lived there.


9. "girls"

Welp, Brooklyn’s become completely unaffordable since this HBO hit first aired. But we get this amazing show out of the deal, so it’s worth it.


8. "the Jeffersons"

Bonus points for best theme song.


7. "30 Rock"

Liz, can you help us work on our night cheese?


6. "mad Men"

We’re saving up our pennies to buy all of Joan’s costumes.


5. "friends"

OK, we never once believed this show was shot in NYC and not in some L.A. backlot, but we still dream that somewhere in Manhattan, a roomy, clean coffee shop with a giant velour couch exists.


4. "i Love Lucy"

We learned so many lessons from this hilarious gal. (Like how to fit 45 pieces of chocolate in our mouths.)


3. "sex And The City"

Our brunch BFFs for life.


2. "sesame Street"

Awww, our very first New York friends. They taught us how to count, how to spell and what a front stoop is.


1. "seinfeld"

...And if you don’t agree, you’ve obviously never had chocolate babka. You probably like cinnamon.

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