The 11 Best TV Marriages

More than just Coach and Tami

In an era when Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore can’t even stay together, where are we supposed to turn for paragons of marriage? Television, of course! Here, the 11 most solid relationships to hit the small screen.

Pam And Jim Halpert

These two are clearly made for each other, and unlike other will-they-or-won’t-they pairings, when they finally got together, it didn’t ruin the show.

miranda steve

Miranda Hobbes And Steve Brady

The Brooklyn brownstone. The adorable baby. The hot make-out sessions in the rain. Miranda and Steve taught us that opposites do attract. (Just ignore the part in the movie when he’s the worst.)

Homer And Marge Simpson

Even though she almost cheated on him with her bowling instructor.

Cam Tucker And Mitchell Pritchett

Even though they’re not allowed to ever act sexual and might actually hate each other.

Phil And Claire Dunphy

Because all parents of three should have this much fun 144 episodes in.

Khaleesi And Drogo

Because RIP.

Monica And Chandler Bing

(But really Phoebe and Mike.)

Carl And Harriette Winslow

Not every marriage could survive Steve Urkel.

bill maggie

Jason And Maggie Seaver

Hey, it was the '80s! The stay-at-home-dad thing was kind of a big deal.

Francis And Claire Underwood

Look, they have an understanding (and sometimes a threesome with the Secret Service guy).

Coach And Tami Taylor

Clear heads, full hearts, great hair. The gold-friggin' standard.

susan waits
Susan Waits

Lousy baker, stellar shopping buddy

You can find Susan either blissfully buried in a pile of clothes or on a plane between L.A. and NYC.
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