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We’ve got a rep for being a laid-back town, but our “it’s all good” vibe only goes so far. Like when it comes to freeway etiquette and lawn maintenance. Show some love to your fellow Los Angeles citizens by following these ten rules--or are there some you secretly love to break?


1. Thou shalt not go slow in the passing lane

Come on--no one else is going the speed limit, so live a little.

Dolphin 618x355

2. Thou Shalt Not Refuse Raw Fish

Sushi, sashimi, ceviche, carpaccio, crudo, tiradito and--now on seemingly every corner and in supermarkets--poke. Other cities might be satisfied with eating fast food, but here, we have delicious fresh catch. So dive right in!


Comand Kale 618x445

3. Thou shalt not pooh-pooh athleisure

People spend a lot on specially engineered leggings that tighten and lift your rear end. And an L.A. company created the sweatshirt immortalized by Bey. So #respect. Athleisure is here to stay.

giphy 4

4. Thou shalt not take the name of a bigwig in vain

At least not in public. Everyone’s listening here, and no one wants to throw shade on someone who might hire them next week. So practice smiling and saying nothing.

tumblr mkp5do8w0J1qdm4tlo1 500

5. Thou shalt not “just visit” the carpool or commuter lane

Unless you want a $500 fine or a picture of your wayward car mailed to your house. (Besides, it's nobody else's business what we were doing on the I-10 last Thursday afternoon, anyway.)

Comand Lawn 618x445

6. Thou ShalT Respect the Drought

We’re in the middle of a dry spell, and heaven knows how they are keeping that lawn so green and glossy, but it’s none of our business. (Midnight watering much?)

Comand Melrose 618x445

7. Thou shalt not randomly walk across Melrose

Nobody walks in this city and yet you’re choosing to stroll across the busiest street in town? Ummm, no.

giphy 2

8. When Hiking, Thou Shalt Not Interfere with the Circle of Life

You will encounter coyotes, reptiles and entertainers in Griffith Park. Just leave them all alone.

Walking Here 618x355

9. Thou shalt not take a sharp right on red

There are three pedestrians in L.A. and odds are, they will be ambling in front of your bumper right when you take the turn.

Justin 618x445

10. Though Shalt Not Ask For A Picture

Nor an autograph. Nor a selfie. You're too cool for that. (Just ask the Biebs.)

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