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Turkey day is a time for food, family, pie, food and more food. Between bites, we love to scroll through Instagram…that is, until our feed is overrun with these six things. Please don’t post them on social media this year. We’d be so, so thankful.

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thanksgiving post gourds

18 Pictures in a Row of What You're Thankful for

Or worse, an entire paragraph of hashtags. Be grateful for an uncluttered newsfeed, and do others the same courtesy.

thanksgiving post turkey

A Turkey

After a while they all sorta look the same, yeah?

thanksgiving post dim

Your Plate of Food in Dim Lighting

That gravy was probably delish in real life, but by candlelight it looks like indiscernible brown mush. (And don't be offended if people start calling you Martha Stewart. You’ve been warned.)

thanksgiving post run

How Many Miles You Ran That Morning

You're just making all of us (and our elastic waistbands) feel bad.

thanksgiving post tbt


Unless it's Thanksgiving-themed. In that case, you're in the clear.

thanksgiving post christmas

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