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11 Moods You’ll Have on Thanksgiving, as Illustrated by Macy’s Half-Inflated Balloons

There’s no holiday tradition more honored than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Except, you know, watching the chaos of the annual family dinner unfold in real time. Here, 11 phases of Turkey Day that we’re all too familiar with. (Images courtesy of tonight’s balloon inflation, which you should totally check out for more hilarity.) 

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When your grandma asks in front of everyone if you’re “seeing anyone special.”

When your mom makes a different kind of stuffing than the one you’ve been looking forward to all year and you have to pretend she didn’t just crush your dreams.

When Uncle Roger brings up politics.

When you’re starving and Aunt Ethel is holding up the buffet line.

When you’re stuck between two people who are debating the merits of brining vs. basting.

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When you’re breaking out in the meat sweats, and your cousin chooses that exact moment to take a selfie.

When you and your sister find an extra bottle of wine in the garage.

When you’ve had three helpings of marshmallow sweet potatoes already but you can’t stop.

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When you see your brother going after the last piece of pie.

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When you’re trying to keep up the festive mood but every cell in your body wants to be in the fetal position.

When you wake up the next morning and you’re ready to eat again.

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