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10 Things to Talk About During the Holidays That Arent Politics
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Oh, 2016. Not a normal year. Not a normal Thanksgiving. Anyone else unusually worried about Uncle Joe’s soapboxes? Sure, you could drown it all out with some heavy pours of Pinot, but may we suggest a friendly topic change instead? Here, ten conversation starters that have nothing to do with the election.

1. Gilmore Girls is back! (Cue girlie shrieks.) Currently taking bets on the state of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship in Season 8.

2. Speaking of reboots, Wedding Crashers just got tapped for a sequel. (Cue quote face-off.)

3. Who’s ready to break out those old DVDs? According to studies, re-watching your favorite films is actually beneficial to your health and calms the brain.

4. Can anyone name five Thanksgiving movies in under 30 seconds?

5. Uh-oh. The dreaded fashion debate is back—this time, in flip-flop form. So do you see blue and black or white and gold?

6. Pop quiz, hotshot: In which U.S. city do women wear the highest heels

7. Here’s another fun game: Make your older relatives guess what "ghosted" means (along with nine other millennial dating terms). 

8. We all have that one coworker who never washes his office coffee mug. But maybe he’s on to something…since science says you don’t really have to.

9. Did you know that canned pumpkin isn’t actually pumpkin? We’ve all been living a PSL-flavored lie.

10. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the turkey that’s making you sleepy, since the level of tryptophan is pretty similar across a variety of different meats. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be excusing ourselves for a nap in 3...2...1... 

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