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Life is what happens when you’re stuck in traffic on the West Side Highway. And some of our greatest moments of clarity arrive while the meter’s running. Here, ten things we learned in transit.

brooklyn bridge taxi
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1. The view from the Brooklyn Bridge at night will never cease to make you feel at least a little bit like you’re in a movie.

2. Keep your friends close and your takeout bag closer. (Seriously, there’s no heartbreak like realizing your ShackBurger and crinkle fries just drove off down Sixth Avenue.)

3. The distance between your apartment and your destination is inversely proportional to how much of a hurry you’re in.

4. Your best ideas don’t come to you in the shower. They come to you at 1 a.m. on the FDR Drive. (Whether you remember them is another story.)

placeholder taxi
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5. In the midst of a crazy-hectic day (aka a Tuesday in New York), ten minutes of Jimmy Fallon and Talk Stoop on Taxi TV can feel like bliss.

6. Don’t be shy about striking up a convo with your cab driver. They’ll give you everything from restaurant recommendations to real estate advice.

7. The drive to JFK will always take two to three times longer than you think it will.

8. Always get a receipt. You never know when you’ll realize you left your favorite jacket—or worse, your phone—on the seat and need to have the taxi’s medallion number handy.

nyc taxi

9. There’s no shame in taking a cab eight blocks because it’s raining. Or because you haven’t broken in your new shoes. Or because your Trader Joe’s bags are heavy.

10. When you look back on nights out with your besties, your favorite ones will always include an impromptu taxi sing-along. And if your driver turns up the radio when Rihanna comes on, be sure to give him an extra-big tip.

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