Taryn Toomey’s Guide to the Hamptons

We want to be Taryn Toomey when we grow up: She created a cult-favorite workout, she’s a mom to two adorable little girls, and she seems to have mastered the whole “living mindfully” thing—which includes making time to do nothing. Here’s where the founder of The Class spends her time out east.

The Best Places to Work Out in the Hamptons

the airelume
The Airelume by Taryn Toomey

What she always makes sure to pack for the Hamptons:
I always wear one of my Airelume necklaces, even when I’m working out. Each stone carries a different energy and intention. I like to use them as touchstones throughout the day. And I love 9seed for a really beautiful caftan/dress to throw on post-Class.

Where she spends her free time:
I enjoy strolling around all the shops and restaurants in Sag Harbor.

Conor Harrigan

Her favorite Hamptons restaurants:
Provisions in Sag Harbor is my favorite spot to grab lunch. I go there every day after I teach, sometimes twice a day. I have an obsession with the tuna with Vegenaise, and I wrap it in the large seaweed sheets. (I got my mercury levels tested after last summer, and they were high so I do not recommend doing that!)

I love Wölffer Kitchen for dinner. They use local, farm-to-table ingredients, and the food is always so fresh and delicious.

Her go-to places to shop:
I love everything in Joey Wölffer’s shop in Sag Harbor—literally everything. I have always been a huge vintage fan, and she gathers and collects the most exquisite pieces. I also love Ulla Johnson; she is a great go-to designer for summer. She just opened a boutique in Amagansett, and it’s beautiful.

jaime baird
Jamie Baird, The Class

What her perfect Hamptons day looks like:
My ideal day starts with movement and a good sweat. I’ll take Class in the morning, cleaning out my body and mind. After Class, I’ll stop at Provisions in Sag Harbor to grab my favorite lunch. Next, I’ll take my girls to the beach—I always love an ocean swim after working out.

I put my feet in the sand and then try to do nothing. Watch my girls laugh and play, which really soothes the soul. Then I’ll get a late-afternoon massage. I live at Happy Feet in Sag Harbor. They really give the best foot rubs, which I love (and need to stay in the teaching game). Perhaps I’ll take a short snooze on the table or chair during the massage. I’ll round it off with an early dinner and early to bed—a good night’s sleep is the best nightcap around.