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The Most Interesting Grammar Rule Ever Is One You Didnt Know You Were Following
Justin Tallis/Getty Images

There are probably things you do every single day without realizing you do them. For example, you probably put your left shoe on before your right, or swipe your deodorant exactly 5 times. They’re second nature. But as it turns out, that kind of stuff isn’t limited to unimportant daily task; it also impacts how we speak.

We recently saw that this Twitter user pointed out a grammar rule that we’ve always followed, but never knew we were following.

It has to do with the order of words in a sentence. The idea is that when you’re describing a noun, the words have to go in this order to make sense: opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material and purpose, followed by the noun.

So, while it makes sense to say “the adorable little red house” it sounds super weird to say “the red adorable little house”.

Makes sense! (And yet, we never would have thought of it!)

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