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Maybe you’ve moved to the big city. Maybe you’re out on a farm somewhere, raising your own organic chickens. But as they say, “You can take the girl out of the suburbs, but you can’t take the Manic Panic-dyed, Cheesecake Factory-loving suburbs out of the girl.” Here, 25 things you only truly understand if you grew up in the 'burbs.


1. Driving around aimlessly was definitely an approved Saturday night activity.

2. But bonus points if it was in a minivan while blasting Dr. Dre.

3. For some reason, everyone wound up meeting at Walgreens before they figured out what to do for the night.

4. Which, let’s be honest, was really just more driving around and listening to Z100 and maybe buying Snapples.

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5. You shopped at Urban Outfitters, even though it was highly unlikely that any real, “urban” kids were wearing rubber bracelets and shrunken tees that said “no regrets” on them.

6. But you also had strong opinions about which Limited Too was the better one.

7. Chain restaurants were everything. (Cheesecake Factory, we still love you.)


8. You spent hours after school at whichever friend’s house had the best snacks.

9. (And sorry for spilling Kool-Aid all over the foosball table that one time, Mrs. Parker.)

10. You knew which housing development gave out the king-size candy bars on Halloween.

11. And which cul-de-sacs were best for practicing your ollies. (Hint: none of them. Your skateboard is still collecting cobwebs in your childhood basement.)


12. Four hours of your Friday night were spent standing in Blockbuster trying to decide which movie to rent. (And then never returning it and owing $3,000 in late fees.)

13. Also, your Blockbuster had a Mrs. Fields built into it, which is why you were seven pounds overweight in high school.

14. Although that might have been related to all those 3 a.m. grilled-cheese sandwiches you ordered at the diner with approximately 75 percent of your graduating class.

15. (We’re sure the waitress appreciated your $2.75 tip.)


16. Your parents were away for the weekend? Cool, what time does the party start and whose older brother is buying us Natty Light?

17. Although you were also fine just kicking it at the train tracks.

18. PSA: “He hangs out at the train tracks” was code for “He smokes weed.”

19. And “Carrie’s friend can get us beer” was code for “Carrie’s friend is 27 and going through a difficult divorce.”

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20. A Saturday in the city was so cool.

21. But whenever you actually went into the city, your mom said embarrassing things like “look at all the diversity” and “are we in Soho yet?"

22. And to this day, you will always tell people the name of the city you grew up outside of, before sheepishly admitting, “OK, like 20 minutes away…”


23. You loved hibachi grills, yard sales, Wet Seal and boys in lacrosse shorts.

24. You have the passcode to your parents’ alarm system memorized for life.

25. You listened to a lot of Ben Folds. You still do. Proudly.


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