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Spring is here, folks. To take full advantage of the season, try checking off a few of the below listed activities. Happy picnicking.

spring dress

1. Wear more dresses.

2. Immediately regret wearing more dresses when your thighs stick to everything you sit on.

3. Have a picnic.

4. Immediately regret having a picnic when your allergies flare up and your throat closes in the middle of a park.

5. Ruin your favorite pair of shoes in an unexpected rainstorm.

6. Stop and smell the roses.

spring coachella

7. Hate-scroll through everyone's insufferable music festival Instagrams.

8. Wonder how you'd look in a flower crown.

spring wine

9. Make wine slushies.

10. Wonder where wine slushies have been all your life.

11. Spend your tax refund on something frivolous like Dolce & Gabbana headphones.

12. Become overcome with guilt, return the headphones and settle for something more responsible, like a 24-karat-gold iPhone case.


(Kind of.)

spring mom

13. Don’t forget Mother’s Day.

14. Get your Mom a cute little gift she’ll love, like Champagne gummy bears.

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15. Don’t forget Father’s Day.

16. Spend a really long time thinking of an unexpected Father’s Day gift, but then decide you might as well continue your ten-year tie streak.

spring exercise

17. Work out outside.

18. Go to the movies on a rainy day.

19. Sneak a S’well bottle full of wine into the movies on a rainy day.

20. Dress for chilly morning weather only to carry your jacket around all when it’s suddenly 95 degrees at 3 p.m.

spring bikini
Women’s Health

21. Read no fewer than 13 headlines about getting your body “bikini ready.”

22. Roll your eyes each and every time, but secretly Google “Beyoncé workout” in hope of a miracle.

23. Think about starting a garden before deciding you will never remember to water it.

24. Buy a few little succulents instead.

spring shaving

25. Readjust to shaving your legs on the reg.

26. Come up with fun new ways to style your frizzy hair.

27. And hide your basically omnipresent sweat stains.

28. Spring clean your whole house and feel really good about it.

spring nails

29. Paint your nails a fun color.

30. Get polish all over your cuticles, get frustrated, quit and just go to a salon.

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31. Go to a baseball game and spend innings 2-9 near the gourmet ballpark food stand.

sprjng rose

31. Drink rosé.

32. Drink rosé outside.

33. Eat more ice cream.

34. Read this to-do list with the best intentions of checking everything off, then start binge-watching a new show on Netflix and stay inside until summer.

spring end

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