This New Thriller with Demi Moore Looks Absolutely...Yikes!

In the “you couldn't make this stuff up department,” exhibit A is the new thriller Songbird, one of the first movies produced during COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles. What's it about? Why, a long-term pandemic in Los Angeles!

Nerve-wracking reality aside, we're happy to see Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford in the film, playing a couple whose wealth seems to protect them from the grim realities of quarantine camps of Angelenos infected with the mutated virus known as COVID-23. (We see a sign announcing 8.4 million U.S. deaths in a year.) Our hero is Nico, played by shaggy-haired KJ Apa, a bike messenger with disease immunity who travels across the decimated city, communicating only via FaceTime with his apartment-bound love, Sara, played by Sofia Carson. (Note to filmmakers: No one's brows are as on-point as hers after four years of lockdown.)

When Sara is believed to be infected, can Nico stop her from being brutally taken from her home? And do Moore and Whitford hold the key to saving her? The trailer is riveting as is the story of the film's production—it was filmed from July to August, during lockdown, with stringent safety measures including regular testing, a maximum crew size of 40 each day and actors largely separated from each other.

Songbird is being released as a premium video on demand title on December 11, with streaming services carrying the film in 2021. We'll be watching with our pod (you know, when we're not Hallmark-ing it) and hoping for a silver lining.

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